XBox Series X External Hard Drive

Best XBox Series X External Hard Drive is the official Seagate SSD Expansion Card.

Compatible DevicesGaming Console
Digital Storage Capacity1 TB
Hardware InterfaceSolid State Drive
Seagate SSD Expansion Card Specs

While traditional external Hard Drives can be plugged into the Series X, they are limited to only storage.

In order for you to play a game, the data needs to be transferred over to the Xbox’s internal SSD drive.

Once the 1 TB internal storage space is filled with games, they will need to be offloaded to an external drive. If you choose the Seagate SSD Expansion card then you can continue to play the games.

However, using other external drives such as a Samsung portable drive or a different Seagate external drive will require additional configuration.

While shopping for external drives, make sure to only look for Solid State Drives (SSD). The Xbox Series X needs the fastest hard drive speeds, which can only be achieved by SSD technology.


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